About Us

Our Objectives

Through stringent quality norms , continuous training , standard operating procedures and highest level of safety and security norms, Global United Logistics Services Company W.L.L. (GULSC) maintains consistent quality standards and continues to create “A SATISFIED CUSTOMER ” after every service delivery. In order to stay competitive in the global marketplace, now more than ever, a modern company draws its focus into its own core-business, taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing.

From this perspective, the full logistical support becomes a top priority to implement a successful strategy in terms of performance’s excellence and cost reduction . At the forefront of third-party logistics, GULSC in Kuwait is able to offer integrated and customized solutions through an agile and Dynamic structure, its own distribution network, an experienced team of the highest-level professionals, storage availability just next to the main traffic lanes and high value added solution technologies.

Today GULSC provides the market with intelligent, flexible and competitive solutions that are fully tailor made and scaled to the needs of each customer.

Our Philosophy & Approach

WAL was born out of Passion rather than out of a Commercial goal. The goal was to compete with the best in the world and beat the best in the world.

We have achieved the same by making the following as priorities : Quality Human Resources; Motivated; Strong self belief; Innovation; Customisation; Profitable; Quality driven; Focused; Technology

Customer relationships are our only drivers. We always have practiced prioritizing the customer first concept that means all our products are designed to customers needs and always unique to every customer.